Submit a Sample

Instructions for submitting a sample


Follow the three steps below when sending your sample to us for testing. If you have any questions regarding the form, packaging, postage or results please phone our reception on 045 866 266, we will be happy to help.


1. Submission Form


Download the relevant sample submission sheet from our range of sample submission forms. Books of the sample submission forms can be collected from the IEC or posted out on request. Please contact us on 045 866 266 if you would like to receive any of the forms from us.


2. Packaging


When sending biological samples through the post it is important to follow a number of packaging regulations that are detailed below.


  • Samples should be sent in a primary leak proof container e.g tubes, bottles or ampoules.
  • Lids should be properly secured and reinforced with adhesive tape.
  • The samples should be individually wrapped using absorbent materials in case of leakage e.g tissue paper or cotton wool.
  • The wrapped samples should then be placed into a secondary bigger leak proof container e.g plastic bag.
  • It is important to adhere to labelling regualtions for biological material.
  • The package labelling should include the UN 3373 hazard diamond and a “Biological Substances, Category B” label on the outer package.



Inadequately packaged samples pose a health and safety risk due to leakage of contents which may contaminate other mail, postal vehicles and premises, or the postal reception facilities at the centre.


3. Post or Collection


To transport the samples to the centre you can either send it through the post or call our reception on 045 866 266 and have us arrange for a courier to come and collect them.


Very important:


Remember that the quality of the sample is of huge importance to our technicians so please keep the sample refrigerated prior to transportation.