A-Z Tests

Test NameDepartmentTurnaround TimeDescription
Cervico / Endometrial SwabMicrobiology2-4 daysN/A
Abcess / Wound Discharge SampleMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Aural / Oral / Ocular SwabsMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Antibiotic SensitivityMicrobiology1 dayN/A
Blood CultureMicrobiology7 daysN/A
Fluid AnalysisMicrobiology7 daysN/A
Uterine LavageMicrobiology2-3 daysN/A
Gram StainMicrobiology1 dayN/A
Cytology SmearMicrobiologySame DayN/A
Bronchoalveolar lavage analysisPathology*48 hours written reportN/A
Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)MicrobiologySame DayContagious equine metritis (CEM) is a transmissible, exotic, venereal disease of horses caused by the bacterium Taylorella equigenitalis
StranglesMicrobiologySame DayStrangles is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by Streptococcus equi. It is the most comman bacterial infection of horses.
Dermatophyte (Ringworm)MicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
MicroscopyMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Smear for Dermatophilus sp. (on fresh scabs)MicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Specific Gravity (Refractomer)Microbiology1 dayN/A
Urine (chemistry/microscopy)MicrobiologySame DayN/A
Full UrinalysisMicrobiology2 -3 daysN/A
Calculus analysisMicrobiologyReferral testN/A
Faecal Worm Egg CountMicrobiology1-2 daysA FEC gives you an indication of adult parasites in your horse by measuring the number of worm eggs in a sample of faeces.
Lungworm LarvaeMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Occult BloodMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Lawsonia PCRMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Faecal CultureMicrobiology4-5 daysEquine Other
Rectal SwabMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Salmonella CultureMicrobiology3-4 daysEquine Other
Campylobacter CultureMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Equine ProfileMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
CryptosporidiaMicrobiology1 dayEquine Other
Giardia Antigen TestMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Clostridial Toxin ScreenMicrobiologySame DayEquine Other
Clotting and Anaemia ProfileClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Skin Smear for MalasseziaMicrobiology1 dayN/A
Canine Heat SmearMicrobiology1 dayN/A
Fungal Culture (Environmental) - (Swabs or Air Samples)Microbiology7 daysN/A
Surface SwabsMicrobiologySame DayN/A
Bacterial Culture (Environmental) - Swabs (aerobic or anaerobic)MicrobiologyUp to 4 daysN/A
Water Sample - CultureMicrobiology4 daysN/A
Water Sample - Chemical AnalysisMicrobiologyReferral testN/A
MRSA Culture / Screening (Environmental)Microbiology2-3 daysN/A
Rhodococcus equiMicrobiology3-5 daysN/A
Mycotoxin ScreenMicrobiology4-5 daysN/A
Milk Bacteriology TestingMicrobiology2-4 daysN/A
Fluke Egg ScreenMicrobiologySame DayN/A
Johne'sMicrobiologySame DayJohne’s disease is an untreatable, chronic, progressive bacterial intestinal disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis or MAP
LeptospiraMicrobiologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Neospora canusMicrobiologyUp to 7 daysN/A
OstertagiaMicrobiologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Feed and Forage AnalysisMicrobiologySame DayN/A
Bulk Milk (Elisa)MicrobiologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Autogenous Wart VaccineMicrobiology2-3 daysN/A
Probiotics (Bacteria)Microbiology4-5 daysN/A
Salmonella Screen (Food)Microbiology5 daysN/A
Listeria ScreenMicrobiology5 daysN/A
Campylobacter ScreenMicrobiology5 daysN/A
Total Bacterial CountMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Coliform CountMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Enterobacter CountMicrobiology3 daysN/A
E.coli CountMicrobiology3 daysN/A
E.coli 0157 ScreenMicrobiology2 daysN/A
Clostridia ScreenMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Staphylococcus ScreenMicrobiology3 daysN/A
Shelf-life testingMicrobiologyUp to 14 daysN/A
Meat and Bone Meal AnalysisMicrobiologySame DayThe Analysis of Animal Feedingstuffs for Constituents of Animal Origin/Fish.

The detection of animal proteins in animal feed was brought about by BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in cattle
Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)VirologySame DayStallions may become persistently infected with Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) and infect every mare they cover
Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA)VirologySame DayEquine Infectious Anaemia is a Notifiable viral disease which can be fatal. EIA is considered to be a classical bloodborne infection and the virus is mechanically transmitted by biting flies
Bovine RotavirusVirologySame DayBovineVirology
Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV)Virology1 dayN/A
Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus (FIV)Virology1 dayN/A
Canine Parvovirus (CPV)Virology1 dayN/A
Post MortemPathologySame DayCarcasses or specimens for gross post mortem examination can be accepted at the centre 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
Tracheal Lavage AnalysisPathology*48 hours written reportN/A
Small Animal HistopatholgyPathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
Biopsy - 3 samplesPathologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Vas Deferns ConfirmationPathologyUp to 7 daysN/A
ALT (SGPT)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
AmylaseClinical PathologySame DayN/A
ASTClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
ACTH Stimulation TestClinical PathologySame Day
AlbuminClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
Allergy Testing / TreatmentClinical PathologySame DayN/A
B12/FolateClinical PathologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Bile AcidsClinical PathologySame DayN/A
BilirubinClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
BiochemistryClinical PathologySame DayInformation regarding the specific tests involved with a basic equine profile. Follow link for instructions on sample submission.
Blood PackClinical PathologySame DayN/A
CalciumClinical PathologySame DayN/A
ChlorideClinical PathologySame DayN/A
CholesterolClinical PathologySame DayN/A
CkClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
Coombs TestClinical PathologySame DayN/A
CopperClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Cortisol assayClinical PathologySame DayN/A
CreatineClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
DifferentialClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Dourine (Serum, referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
DXM Suppression TestClinical PathologySame DayN/A
E. Cuniculi (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 14 daysN/A
Ehrichiosis (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 14 daysN/A
ElectrolytesClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
ElectrophoresisClinical PathologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Equine Protazoal Myelitis (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 21 daysN/A
FibrinogenClinical PathologySame DayN/A
FructosamineClinical PathologySame DayN/A
GGTClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
Glanders (Serum, referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
GLDHClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Glucose Tolerance TestClinical PathologySame DayN/A
GPX (SE)Clinical PathologyUp to 5 daysN/A
HaematologyClinical PathologySame DayHaematological and blood biochemical testing of the equine athlete at rest is an integral part of equine clinical practice.
IGGClinical PathologySame DayN/A
IronClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Inhibin( Serum, referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 4 weeksN/A
Kidney FunctionClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Equine Kidney Profile (Serum)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
LDHClinical PathologySame DayBlood Biochemistry
LipaseClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Liver FunctionClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Equine Liver Profile (Serum)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Lymes Disease (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
MagnesiumClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Oestrone SulphateClinical PathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
PhosphateClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Piroplasmosia (T.equi & B.caballi) ELISAClinical PathologyUp to 5 daysN/A
PotassiumClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Phenobarbitone (Referred Test)Clinical PathologyUp to 10 daysN/A
ProteinClinical PathologySame DayN/A
ProthrombinClinical PathologySame DayN/A
SAPClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Selenium - toxicity (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 14 daysN/A
Semen AnalysisClinical PathologyUp to 2 daysN/A
Serum Amyloid AClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Spin of Blood SampleClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Testosterone (Serum)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Tapeworm ELISA (Referred test)Clinical PathologyUp to 7 daysN/A
ZincClinical PathologyUp to 5 daysN/A
Infectious Bovine Rhinopneumonitis (IBR)VirologySame DayBovine Virology
Equine RotavirusVirologySame DayEquine Other
Bovine Corona Virus (BCV)VirologySame DayBovine Virology
Antibiotic Residues (6 plate method)Microbiology2 daysN/A
Beta-agonist Screen (Serum or Urine)Microbiology12 daysN/A
Chloramphenicol (Tissue)Microbiology12 daysN/A
Sedative Screen (Blood)Microbiology5 daysN/A
Trenbolone (Serum or Urine)Microbiology10 daysN/A
Flunixin (Serum)Microbiology5 daysN/A
Phenylbutazone (Serum or urine)Microbiology5 daysN/A
Stanozolol - Specified Risk MaterialMicrobiology10 daysN/A
Equine Herpesvirus 1 and 4 (EHV)VirologySame DayEquine Other
African Horse Sickness (AHS)VirologySame DayEquine Other
Equine Herpesvirus 3VirologySame DayEquine Other
Equine AdenovirusVirologySame DayEquine Other
Equine Influenza Virus (EIV)VirologySame DayEquine Other
Equine Rhinitis VirusVirologySame DayEquine Other
Ovine RotavirusVirology1 dayN/A
West Nile VirusVirologySame DayEquine Other
CoccidiostatsMicrobiology12 daysN/A
BacitracinMicrobiology12 daysN/A
Anthlemintic ScreenMicrobiology12 daysN/A
CorticosteroidsMicrobiology5 daysN/A
Growth Promoter ScreenMicrobiology12 daysN/A
Phenylbutazone (Tissue)Microbiology5 daysN/A
Trichinella (Equine)Microbiology1 dayN/A
Trichinella (Porcine)Microbiology1 dayN/A
Nasal SwabMicrobiology2-3 daysN/A
Basic Profile (Small Animal)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Comprehensive Profile (Small Animal)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Kidney Profile (Small Animal)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Liver Profile (Small Animal)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
PU / PD ProfileClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Muscle Profile (Serum)Clinical PathologySame DayN/A
Equine Clotting and Anaemia ProfileClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Equine Mineral ProfileClinical PathologySame DayN/A
FasciolaMicrobiologyUp to 7 daysN/A
Preputial SwabsMicrobiology7 daysN/A
MastitisMicrobiology2 daysN/A
Bovine Health ScreenClinical PathologySame DayN/A
Bovine Mineral ProfileClinical Pathology3 daysN/A
Rhodococcus equi PCRMicrobiology3-5 daysN/A
Pseudomonas aeruginosa in waterMicrobiology3 daysN/A