Equine/Agricultural Water Testing

Water testing is also very important for all types of agriculture. Clean, non-contaminated water is just as essential for animals as it is for humans. Horses can drink between 25 and 50 litres per day and cattle can drink up to 20 litres of water a day. Contaminated water will impact the performance of both. This is something that may be overlooked in all types of farming. High bacterial content in water can affect all animals and in particularly young stock. High iron content in water can cause severe gut upset in horse’s which builds up over time. High levels of nitrate, nitrite, and aluminum can also have a large negative impact on horses. Water quality in farm wells can fluctuate greatly and require constant monitoring.


High iron content in cattle can cause scouring, loss of body weight, and lower milk production. Other stocks such as chicken and pigs are even more sensitive to water quality, particularly in intensive environments. Poor water quality has been directly associated with slower growth rates and lower egg production and quality.




Includes testing for:


– E.coli– Total Coliforms– Enterococci
– pH– Hardness– Conductivity
– Turbidity– Colour– Ammonia
– Aluminium– Iron– Manganese
– Nitrite– Nitrate– Calcium
– Phosphorous– Potassium– Zinc
– Sodium– Copper– Lead