Water Testing

Water Testing

At the IEC we provide water testing for equine, agricultural, domestic and commercial purposes.

The process is as follows:

- Choose the test package from the options below.

- Contact the IEC, give your contact details and pay for the chosen option.

- If the sample is to be taken from a site within a 30km radius of the IEC we will call and take the sample for you. If you are outside that geographic range, we can organise a day that a technician will be in your area or we can post the sterile container to you. You simply take the sample as per the instructions below and send it back to the IEC.

- Once processed we will contact you by email and by phone to discuss your results.

Water is tested for bacterial content including E.coli, total coliforms, and Enterococci, which can pose a health risk for humans and animals when consumed even though it may not be noticeable by taste, smell, or even the colour of the water. Drinking water must be completely free from any microorganisms or contaminants which are considered a health risk.

We provide a full service including the bottle, analysis, and explanation of results we will also provide advice on dealing with any issues that may arise.

HSE and EPA water guidelines recommend getting private well water tested at least once a year as it is unregulated and the sole responsibility of the owner. It is also important to test at different times of the year as factors such as heavy rainfall and surrounding agriculture can affect results and cause fluctuations.